Mythic creature - possibly found in some organisationsI was in a meeting with one of my clients recently where we were reviewing a document that dealt with how to get the voice of the customer more embedded into their project methodology. Following a battle with Microsoft Word’s spell-checker the document referred to a project mythology. Laughs all round but this got me thinking: methodologies are all well and good but it’s an organisation’s mythology that can make all the difference between successful innovation and unsuccessful stagnation.

Why so? Well, let’s look at myths and what they mean. (more…)

No music but the podcast is available on iTunesThere’s a new post in the business innovation series coming soon but in the meantime here’s a link to an interview I gave to NLP consultant Michael Beale on his website – available as a transcript or podcast. I don’t practice NLP myself for anyone who’s interested in the subject Michael is well worth contacting.

I also wrote an editorial on the relevance of the CharterMark for The Guardian‘s Guardian Public magazine. The magazine isn’t available online but I’m happy to share the article with anyone who’s interested – drop me an e-mail at

We’re going underground…Another day of commuting, another day of misery on the District Line… however this blog is about celebrating superior service whenever it occurs and whilst my overall customer experience on the homeward journey tonight was less-than-superior due to a “customer incident” (more…)

Warning: contents may be addictiveThe New Year is typically the time when we resolve to give something up (looking at the date of the last post I wondered if I had temporarily given up blogging!) but for some businesses it’s time to think about making customers form a habit – with you.

I was struck by this thought recently (more…)